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cellular resources include:
Mobile Web Templates
Mobile PPT Templates
Mobile Logos
Sound Effects


Mobile Phone Software

Ring Tones
includes: ring tones for all phones,
musical melodies and free ring tones for mobiles, many songs, themes and other ring tone software

SMS Software
includes: SMS gateway software, SMS messaging software, SMS network software, applications supporting UCP and TAP, short messaging software, GSM software, and SMS solutions

includes: numeric paging, TAP applications, SNPP, WCTP, SMTP to pager applications.

Wireless Messaging
includes: WAP, other wireless messaging applications,

Network Mobile Software
iIncludes: network gateways, desktop mobile messaging software, mobile Internet gatewaysoftware and more...

Mobile Development
Includes: mobile phone software tool kits for developers or for software for mobile integration, includes SDKs and more...
Mobile Took Kits
includes: tool kits for developing ring tones or other mobile software.

Text Messaging Software
includes: text messaging software, to send messages to LCDs, pagers, or mobiles

Other Mobile Software
includes: all other mobile software solutions including vertical market software for mobile or cellular phones.
Internet Mobile Software
includes: Internet gateway software to send text messages via the Internet to mobile phones.
Games for Mobile Phones
includes: games for mobile phones or cellular phones
Logo Management Software
includes: software for creating logos or modifying logos on mobile phones.

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